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Zénaïde d'Albufera is an independent Communication and Image-Building Consultant dedicated to shaping impactful strategies that connect businesses with their target audiences. With a focus on crafting effective communication plans, she specializes in orchestrating major international press campaigns, coordinating global press trips, and enhancing corporate communication.

Recent and current clients that I have worked with include Ballon Rouge Collective, studiokhachatryan, Testudo, Christina Arza, and Jeremy Hutchison, among others. I have also collaborated with various organizations such as COLLECTIBLE design fair, Fondazione Prada, Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Victoria & Albert Museum, Royal Academy of Arts, The National Gallery, Galerie Mitterrand & Domaine du Muy, Fondation CAB, Château La Coste, LGDR, Galerie Philia, and many more.

She has been residing in Brussels since 2017. Her professional journey started in the Media and Public Relations department at Christie's in Paris. Later, she moved to London and worked for Simon Lee Gallery for a couple of years. In 2012, she joined Reiber PR in London, where she earned the promotion to Associate Director.

As a native French speaker and fluent in English and Spanish, she brings a multicultural perspective to her work, enhancing cross-cultural communication and strategy development.


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